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Does the Rehab In Utah use detoxification?

rehab in utah detoxification
One of the things that is important to understand about detoxification is that rehab in Utah is successful thanks to it. Studies have shown that facilities employing a properly designed detoxification program are up to eight times more likely to provide long term recovery than those who don’t. And most addicts will fall back into the habit within the first three weeks of rehab if they are going to fail. That is why it’s important to use a program that weans the body from its dependence on the substance that is so damaging to the body.


It’s interesting to note why detoxification is necessary. Most people don’t realize that these drugs actually alter the way the brain functions and put it into a state of dependence. Your brain is altered in a way that it is no longer able to produce the neurotransmitters required for functioning, and that is what can lead to death if you try to quit cold turkey. But going through the detoxification will help the body regain its ability to produce these chemicals, so that you can return to normal functioning without them. So why is this step so important?


If you are trying to go through the 12 step program and identifying your higher power, it can be tough to stay focused if your body keeps demanding you get the substance that provides it with neurotransmitters required for functioning. Imagine that you haven’t eaten for three days and you are trying to focus on doing some homework or meditations. Do you think that would be easy to do? You would probably get up and go find something to eat. Well, detoxification is like learning to meditate without ever eating again. It’s not the best metaphor, but it paints an accurate picture.


Is detoxification important to the Rehab in Utah?

Most people will identify the detoxification as one of the most important parts in any rehab program, but in Utah they have put special attention on it. Most facilities will not commence a rehab program without first having the patient go through detoxification. This is essential to success, as has been noted earlier, and many of their facilities have a very high success rate. You will find that you are best able to complete the program if you have help from the right people in the first place.


The good news about detoxification when you go to Rehab in Utah

Once you get through the painful weeks of detoxification, you will find that your process of rehabilitation is accelerated. When your body is able to function without relying on the substance, you won’t be as likely to think about it. And thinking about it less will help you to stay focused on repairing your psychological issues. Without it, though, you will constantly be drawn back to your addictive substance. That’s why so many facilities have found it important to provide a proper detoxification process in the steps towards recovery.